About Me

Hi……..I’m Sarah-Louise Cragg, a mindset transformation coach & business mentor known as The MindKIXX Mentor with 30 years management & leadership expertise in coaching, training & developing individuals & management teams to success, all whilst in control of £multi-million businesses.

My 30 year career spanned Area & Regional Management, Brand Management & Retail Operations for 45 stores across the UK. Along the way I project managed major £million store refurbishments, launched brand new multi £million stores, headed up operations, internal communications , streamlining systems, created business plans, designed customer service strategies, designed & delivered leadership training, created marketing campaigns, led brand developments & managed teams of up-to 500 people.

About 15 years ago, I became incredibly curious about human potential & the idea that we, as humans currently only used about 10% of our true brain capacity & if that was so, what could you achieve if you knew how to tap into the remaining 90%?

This also then led me to question my purpose in life & what my great mission was on this planet & so began a personal quest to uncover my true purpose & calling in life. I now wish to help people discover what their true purpose in life is & how to actualise that, as I have distilled all my knowledge & discoveries gained throughout my own fascinating & illuminating quest & created a brand new coaching program called the PurposeKIXX Blueprint Coaching Program.

During my quest for my purpose, I studied & read ferociously whilst I worked full-time & used my weekends & holiday time to go on personal development courses & went on to become firstly qualified as a Practitioner of NLP, Time-Line Therapy & Hypnosis in 2004 & started practising with a few private clients whilst I worked full-time. In 2008 I stepped up my expertise & gained 2 more qualifications as a Master Hypnotherapist & a Humanistic Coach, which further deepened & enlightened my understanding of the vast resources & inner potential of everyone to change unhelpful patterns of behaviour & create massive success within one’s personal life.

All this learning & practising of these powerful techniques had such a major profound effect on my own mindset, as I released fears, anger, sadness, guilt & emotional hurts from the past that I thought were part of who I was & were deeply ingrained in my personality. I came to realise through hypnotherapy techniques & Time-Line Therapy techniques that the past does not need to define you & you can create a happier future for yourself when you remove subconscious mind blocks & eliminate the emotional baggage from your past.

I got up 2 hours early each day before work & devoured 100’s of books & studied everything I could on the mindset, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, psychology, hypnosis, the mind-body connection, new thought, quantum physics, meditation, energy healing, law of attraction, crystals, creative visualisation & the success mindset.

I began to use some of the coaching techniques in the workplace, which then led to greater performances, better sales results, happier & more optimistic management & teams. I then started incorporating some of the strategies in the training programs that I was designing & it got them to smash out of their comfort zones & stretch their perceptions of what they believed was possible.

I continued with my studying & further qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis & Time-Line Therapy & then a few years later a Master Coach. At this point I was beginning to become dis-satisfied with working for a company despite heading up £multi-million businesses in the retail sector.

My life-purpose & mission were calling & the nudges from the Universe were getting louder & the synchronicity’s that were happening in my life were pointing me onto a different pathway. I started listening intently to the wisdom within during my meditations & it became obvious that I was no longer feeling fulfilled in the roles I had created in the retail world.

So when I was made redundant in September 2017 from my UK Retail Operations role where I headed up operations for 45 stores, I decided that this was now the perfect opportunity to set up my own consultancy focusing on the individual instead of teams within a corporate structure.

Initially, I just did one-2-one coaching helping people have more confidence & feel fearless, get unblocked & gain more clarity on their direction in life, eliminate emotional eating patterns & lose weight. I began writing about the mindset, motivation , wellbeing, sharing tips, inspirational content & some coaching techniques for success & happiness on my Facebook page @mindkixxlife.

Now, as I continue to be passionate about empowering people at transition points in their lives, I also specialise in coaching & mentoring people in their transition from a 9-5 work-life to becoming their own boss, helping business owners shift their mindset to create more success & financial abundance, helping people create a freedom lifestyle whilst building a residual income & helping female entrepreneurs have more impact, personal power & unstoppable success.

I assist people in removing their fears & self-limiting beliefs, improve their confidence & self esteem, build resilience & teach them powerful mindset tools to shift how they feel about themselves, therefore creating more success, joy, happiness & positive changes in their life’s.

My chief mission is to assist people in unlocking their true potential inside their own mind, helping them discover their purpose & design a life they love, switch their mindset around their ability to make the kind of money they desire, help identify their unique talents & abilities, inspire & motivate them to take action, have the confidence to be their own boss & create or build a lifestyle or wellbeing business they are passionate about, or just have the courage to step out of the uncertain retail landscape & launch a new career.


I love running, HIIT, yoga & resistance training & I’m very passionate about my own health & wellness & fuelling my body with the right nutrition daily. So I use specific high quality nutrition products which give me the right amount of vitamins, minerals & protein that I need on a daily basis. I also cleanse, nourish & detox my digestive system on a monthly basis, enabling me to maintain my lean muscle , keep my body fat % low, have tons of energy & sleep better than ever before.

Im so happy that I partnered up with this incredible nutrition brand as it helps me to get incredible results for my clients too through my 14 & 30 Day BodyKIXX Plans & nutritional cleansing systems.

I’m totally focused on being healthy as your wellbeing is fundamental to a balanced life where you can also be full of vitality & energy. About 3-4 times a week I will workout or go for a long run after my morning routine, which is a combination of meditation, reading, intention & goal planning & journalling time. I am a keen runner having completed two London Marathons 2014 & now 2019.




  • NLP Practitioner
  • Time-Line TherapyTM Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Time-Line TherapyTM Master Practitioner
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Humanistic Master Coach

In addition to these certifications, as mentioned I have studied extensively for the last 20 years on human potential & the power of the mind, reading over 400 books now, on the mindset, the power of beliefs, personal development, empowerment, leadership, philosophy, coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, health & fitness & I feel excited & inspired every day to share my knowledge & help my clients make their DREAMS a REALITY!


Based in Guildford, Surrey, West Sussex, surrounding areas & London.

Face-to-face, telephone, Zoom.

Workshops & Seminars take place in Guildford & London.



“I feel like a totally different person, having let go of so many negative emotions & beliefs about myself, that had weighed me down all my life. I now experience joy, laughter, fun & have a whole new feeling of confidence in myself…….I felt totally safe in your care. You were totally focused on achieving a positive outcome for me & I felt able to trust in you very quickly”