About Me

Hi there!……..I’m Sarah-Louise Cragg, The MindKIXX Mentor. I’m a Mindset Expert & Self-Growth Strategist, a Transformational Breakthrough Therapist,  a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis & Time-Line Therapy TM, a Master Hypnotherapist & High Performance Coach based around the West Sussex & Surrey borders.  

I work with entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners & busy professionals & show them how to maximise their mindset, expand their confidence & performance, unlock their creativity, reconnect to their purpose, boost their happiness, increase their income & ultimately elevate & up-level their life using my high-performance thinking strategies for INFINITE SUCCESS! 

I combine my absolute passion for helping others, my fascination with the incredible power of the mind & human potential, my creativity, big thinking, business expertise & my natural logical structured systems-based mindset with incredible transformation tools, cutting edge neuroscience techniques, coaching strategies & personal achievement philosophies for rapid lasting transformation & to enable them to unlock their greatest potential.

My 30 year background is in UK & European Area & Regional Management, leadership training, operational & project management for £multi-million businesses with large teams of up to 1000 people. My most recent corporate role was UK Retail Operations Manager for 44 stores across the UK, which took me all around the country overseeing operations & after 7 years with this company, I decided to take redundancy after a major company restructure.

During my earlier career, I have project managed major £million department store refurbishments, launched brand new £multi-million fashion retail stores, led brand developments & created marketing campaigns for new product launches. I have implemented strategic business plans to improve regional profits & headed up overall company operations, internal communications & streamlined systems for better productivity. My driving force for achieving success in all my roles has always been my passion for coaching, developing & training my teams, equipping them with the leadership skills to be focused, decisive & above all inspirational in their approach.  Having designed & delivered many customer service strategies, management & leadership training courses over the years it became apparent that my next big career shift would be much more people orientated & yet still use my business expertise.

My journey to becoming a professional mindset coach & self-growth expert started around 20 years ago when I became incredibly curious about the mind, neuroscience & our inner potential & the idea that we, as humans currently only used about 10% of our true brain capacity & if that was so, it made me ask the question…….”What could you achieve if you knew how to tap into the remaining 90%?”

This led me to study the science of success, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an approach to personal growth that uses language & behavioural suggestions to create deep transformation in the subconscious mind, also positive psychology, consciousness, neuroscience, hypnotherapy & ultimately what behaviours, habits & practices did successful people follow consistently to get results. With all this new information I was learning, I began to question my own purpose in life & what my great mission was on this planet & so began a personal quest to uncover my true purpose & calling in life. This was no easy mission & it alluded me for years & years & I became frustrated, confused, & stuck so many times, as I sensed the answer was just within my grasp for it to become intangible again & again.

I persisted & persisted & was relentless in my pursuit & eventually became enlightened with immense clarity & certainty I was on the right pathway. I began to distil all my knowledge & discoveries gained throughout my fascinating & illuminating quest to find meaning & my purpose & created a blueprint program that will help anyone find theirs too. I know that if you are looking for your purpose too, you certainly will be thankful that it will take much less time than I did in fact its just been launched into a 4 week program with modules & my personal 1-to-1 guidance. Its called the Re-InventKIXX  Program & you can find more details on the coaching page.

My desire to understand the strategies of human behaviour, meant I studied & read ferociously whilst I worked full-time & used my weekends & holiday time to go on trainings & personal development courses. This led me to become firstly qualified as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy & Hypnosis in 2004 & I started practising with a few private clients whilst I worked full-time. In 2008 I stepped up my expertise & gained 2 more qualifications as a Master Hypnotherapist & a Humanistic Coach, which further deepened & enlightened my understanding of the vast resources & inner potential of everyone, including myself,  to change unhelpful patterns of behaviour & create massive success within one’s personal life.

All this learning & practising of these powerful techniques had such a major profound effect on my own mindset, as I released deep-rooted sadness, fears, anger, guilt & emotional hurts from the past that I just accepted were part of who I was & I thought they were in-grained in my personality. I came to realise through NLP, hypnotherapy & Time-Line Therapy techniques that the past does not need to define you & you can create a happier future for yourself when you remove subconscious mind blocks, self-limiting beliefs & completely eliminate the emotional baggage from your past.

I used to get up 2 hours earlier each day before work, created a new morning routine that enabled me to read & study & focus my mind. I devoured 100’s of books & studied everything I could on the mindset, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching, psychology, hypnosis, the mind-body connection, new thought, quantum physics, meditation, energy healing, law of attraction, crystals, creative visualisation & the success mindset…..I was beyond excited about what I was discovering.

I began to use some of the coaching techniques & the NLP models of success in the workplace & incorporating some of the strategies in the leadership courses I was designing. This led to stronger more effective leadership, greater team performances, more productivity , record breaking sales & much happier teams.

I continued with my studying & further qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis & Time-Line Therapy & then a few years later a Master Coach. At this point I was beginning to become dis-satisfied with working for a company & growing tired with the constraints of a corporate structure where senior-level decision-making was beginning to hamper my creativity & innovative leadership style.

My life-purpose & mission were calling & the nudges from the Universe were getting louder & the synchronicity’s that were happening in my life were pointing me onto a different pathway. I started listening intently to the wisdom within & it became obvious that I was no longer feeling fulfilled in the roles I had created in this profession.

So when I took redundancy in September 2017 from my UK Retail Operations role, I decided this was now the perfect opportunity to set up my own consultancy focusing on the individual instead of teams within a corporate structure.

I started doing private one-2-one coaching helping people have more confidence, stop procrastinating, gain more clarity on their direction in life, eliminate emotional eating patterns or lose weight.

I ran several workshops on “The Confidence Mindset” & “The Money Mindset” & I began writing about the power of the mindset, sharing tips, inspirational content & coaching techniques for success & happiness on my Instagram @themindkixxmentor & Facebook page @mindkixxlife.

Now, as a mindset coach to ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners & busy professionals I am able to combine all my skills from my earlier career in managing, leading, coaching & developing teams, my business expertise, my knowledge of success & achievement principals & my passion for personal development into the wonderful role I have now.

“My mission is to assist people in unlocking their true potential inside their own mind, helping them discover their purpose & design a life & business they love, switch their mindset around their ability to create infinite success, help identify their unique talents & abilities, inspire & motivate them to take action, & have bullet-proof confidence to be a leader in their industry & make an incredible income whilst making an impact” 

Also, when I’m not with coaching clients, creating programs,  writing or networking,  you might find me running in the mornings or doing high intensity interval training (HIIT),  resistance & body weight training. Most recently I introduced a daily morning yoga practice into my early morning routine & I’m loving it.

I do generally eat quite healthily by cooking mostly from scratch with fresh fish & meats, steaming vegetables & making interesting salad combinations….sometimes weird concoctions  I’m a bit of a chocoholic & this can be my nemesis…so I have to limit it.

I like making protein smoothie bowls especially after a good workout or training session……..in fact I usually can’t resist taking photos of my smoothie creations & popping them on Insta!

I love attending personal development seminars & two of my favourites are the Tony Robbins Unleash The Power 4 day Event many years ago, which was epic & I astounded myself by walking barefoot across 20 feet of red hot burning coals, a true mind over matter experience!  The other one was T. Harv. Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive 4 day Event which is about mastering the inner mental game of wealth, which was enlightening & educational.

I’m quite proud of the fact I have completed two London Marathons 2014 & 2019….& they are definitely top of the list of my key accomplishments.

In fact I recently analysed my mindset strategies & visualisation tools that I used to train & complete the marathons & have combined that with another strategy & that gave me the inspiration for the goal achievement blueprint within my new REINVENTKIXX program.

So did someone say Ultra-Marathon next…??



  • NLP Practitioner
  • Time-Line TherapyTM Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Master Coach
  • Time-Line TherapyTM Master Practitioner
  • Master Hypnotherapist
  • Humanistic Master Coach

In addition to these certifications, I have studied extensively for the last 20 years on human potential & personal achievement philosophies & now having read well over 500 books on the mindset, the power of beliefs, personal development, empowerment, leadership, philosophy, coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, health & fitness….& I continue to study & refine my expertise along the way!


Based near Cranleigh & Guildford, Surrey, West Sussex, surrounding areas & London.

Face-to-face, telephone, Zoom.

Workshops & Seminars take place near Guildford or London.