MindKIXX Academy


  The Confident Entrepreneur Workshop 

For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Solo-preneurs, Mum-preneurs, Wellness Professionals, Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers & Independent Consultants.


Do you want……….

                                             Un-stoppable CONFIDENCE

                                                  Un-Beatable SELF BELIEF

                                                      Un-Breakable FOCUS

Ground Breaking Strategies to MASTER YOUR THINKING


We all have FEARS, DOUBTS & SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS & most of these are subconscious thoughts & unconscious blocks & these will be holding you back from what you are trying to achieve in your business.

When you destroy those self- limiting beliefs, gain rock-solid confidence & then set powerful goals aligned to your new belief system with sustainable daily habits you become unstoppable!


IN THIS workshop…………………………..You will:

  • Learn how to use NLP to enhance your business & personal life
  • Learn how to identify self-limiting beliefs, & understand how they can hold you back in business
  • Remove FEAR, SELF-DOUBT or SELF-SABOTAGE & shift your mindset completely to breakthrough this limitation that’s currently keeping you stuck
  • Get instant strategies to change your negative INNER DIALOGUE to a more positive empowering one
  • Learn the secrets to communicating with just about anyone
  • Learn an awesome technique to give you ROCK SOLID CONFIDENCE whenever you need it, brilliant for important meetings or presentations
  • Discover your unique communication style & learn exactly how to use this to WIN MORE BUSINESS.
  • Create your BIG VISION with 3 BIG POWERFUL GOALS 
  • Design a MASTER ACTION PLAN with my unique system that opens up your creativity for achieving your goals
  • Understand the 8 MINDSET keys used by master coaches & entrepreneurs, which will generate massive momentum in all areas of your life
  • Leave the workshop feeling CLEAR, CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED with a renewed sense of self-belief & inspired motivation.



In this unique coaching workshop, complete with a full workbook, you will learn powerful NLP techniques to break through your perceived obstacles, install unstoppable courage & confidence, destroy major self-limiting beliefs & leave inspired & motivated to go on & achieve your goals.


New Dates TBC

9.30- 4pm

Venue Guildford

TICKETS: £97 pp

(Includes refreshments)

Limited Spaces.

Email sarah@mindkixx.com to register for the next workshop