MindKIXX Business


Activate & Accelerate Session

I help STUCK business owners crush the mental barriers in the way of their high income goals & accelerate their success!

Have you hit a stumbling block in your business?

Would you like to be focused, energised, more productive & stop being indecisive due to the self-doubt & negative mind chatter?

Are you feeling lack lustre, a bit stagnant & have difficulty making clear decisive action around a project within your business?


Your MIND is the key to your SUCCESS & my approach to how you access & unlock the key to your maximum potential for solutions, is in this powerful session. 

If you want increased sales, revenue, results & to unlock your best performance then this session will give you the kick start, the motivation, the determination & the clarity of new ideas to get you moving in the right direction.


On this action-packed 90 Minute Call:

  • Firstly, I identify the specific mental blocks that are holding you back-

-clue….they are unconscious & they are currently keeping you stuck!

  • Secondly, we rewire your thinking around your business problem, allowing you to overcome any mental obstacles & get you into new action-

                            -this how we unlock rapid success & we are able to reveal  fresh powerful insights

  • Thirdly, we will move you from being stuck & overwhelmed to having clarity, confidence, motivation & consistently producing extraordinary results over the long term.



Within this 90 minute focused session,

I use 3 different powerful components that 

unlock the mental barriers & up level your

internal success strategies, giving you  powerful

new perspectives, major clarity & insights

into solutions for your business.




                                             Business Performance Coaching & Consultancy                                         

Clarity, Vision, Goals & Strategy

Leadership Skills

Motivation- Overcoming Procrastination

Productivity- Time Management & Focus

Assertiveness, Influencing & Communication Skills

Public Speaking, Charisma & Presentations

Unlocking Creativity

Team Dynamics & Team Building

Personality Profiling

These areas can be adapted from one-to-one consultancy to group workshops, through to conference presentations.