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PurposeKIXX Coaching

Are you at a transition point in your life, frustrated, unhappy, totally unfulfilled? How do you discover your life purpose? How can you create your life by design? Is that possible you wonder? Do you want to find your PASSION & PURPOSE & make an impact in the World?  Do you feel inspired to make a difference? Do you need clarity, support & guidance on how to make it happen? Then the PurposeKIXX Blueprint Coaching Program will help you discover your true calling in life.



PowerKIXX Coaching

Do you wish you were your OWN BOSS? 

Maybe you want to start your own business & be an entrepreneur & want the confidence to make the leap but you don’t know exactly how? Do you want to achieve financial freedom running a lifestyle or wellness business from home that gives you a long-term residual income? Do you want to take control & develop a new career path? Time to get ideas, inspiration,  a clear pathway, an action plan & achieve your dream business & do what you LOVE for a LIVING!


Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to grow your business & yet your money mindset blocks are holding you back? Maybe its time to stop struggling with self-worth & feeling undervalued & undeserving of making a lot of money or charging your true value.

Are you now ready to attract the wealth, success & freedom you dream of? Together we can identify & uncover your pre-programmed money beliefs & release those subconscious boundaries you have created over time, as they will be currently restricting the flow of abundance to you, in your life & your business. Mastering your money mindset means ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, success, fulfilment & HAPPINESS!


If any of this resonates with you or you can say “YES” to any of these questions above, then PurposeKIXX or PowerKIXX coaching sessions, are exactly what you need. 

Just call or email me to schedule in a 30 minute CONSULTATION CALL to discuss what you need help with. 

A CONSULTATION CALL is an opportunity for me to ask some questions & understand how best I can help you. You can ask any questions you have about the coaching process & how it works & to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Its totally FREE & lasts about 30 Minutes & there is never any obligation to book anything afterwards……its totally up to you!



I use a blend of Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line TherapyTM, Positive Psychology & Mindset Development Techniques, which can remove subconscious blocks, help gain clarity, unlock inner potential, remove limiting beliefs, eradicate self-doubt,  resolve internal conflicts, banish unwanted habits, install rock-solid confidence, increase self-esteem & overcome procrastination.

My sessions with you are bespoke, following our pre-session call or consultation & these powerful techniques within the PowerKIXX session will deliver rapid, effective & lasting results. They bypass the usual conscious blocks & barriers & they allow us to cut through the issues, getting to the underlying root cause that is preventing you moving forward, so that they are then resolved completely.

The techniques I use can eliminate unwanted thoughts & feelings & destructive strategies, enabling change at the deepest level, which then allows the formation of new successful behaviours, creating a happier outlook & a clear pathway to achieve the exciting goals & objectives that we set to move you forward!


Our first session together will explore the blockages that are holding you back & the internal mindset strategies & thinking patterns that are leading to your problem behaviours . I will then work on a programme to free you from them.


  • PowerKIXX Session       

Pre-Session Call or Face to Face Consultation

PowerKIXX Session 90 Minutes

Follow Up Session plus Email



  • PurposeKIXX Blueprint Program

Pre- Questionnaire

3 x 30 Minute Coaching Sessions

6 Modules ( 2 weeks apart)




The Principals of Power program is for serious action takers & people who are ready to experience deep healing & transformation. This program incorporates intensive deep inner work, spiritual principals & cutting edge mind transformation techniques for incredible results.

You’ll receive all my spiritual wisdom, powerful transformational tools & techniques, my Awaken Your Brilliance Breakthrough System & 20 years of personal development expertise to support you with your life-changing expansion.        

                                                     “Principals of Power” 12 Month Program

                                                             10 x 3 Hour Face to Face Sessions & 

                                                              2 x 6 hour MasterMind Sessions


Includes welcome package, beautiful journal, worksheets, exercises, bespoke face-to face coaching sessions, resources, insights, follow-up notes & constant supervision from me with regular contact in-between sessions. This program allows you full access to me throughout your journey with telephone & email support for the duration of the entire 12 month program.



IF YOU ARE READY for deep change & personal growth & complete life transformation then this program could be for you.

Get in touch & we can discuss if this program is right for you!