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Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to grow your business & yet something is holding you back?  No amount of strategy will get you taking serious action if your mindset is in the way!

You can have all the strategies, techniques, frameworks & methodologies & deadlines galore, but if you don’t have the focused motivation, the determination, the courage, the confidence & the self-belief in yourself to execute those things, you will not take the specific action necessary to achieve your aims or business goals.

“I truly believe that the difference between success & failure in anything is actually mindset! Your business is also a reflection of you & your own personal transformation is the master key to rapid business growth & transformation”

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, stuck & procrastinating, or have low confidence levels, anxiety, self-doubts & fears about your abilities & they are interfering with you taking the purposeful action that you know you need to take to be more visible, get more clients or win new business contracts.

Are you a perfectionist & fearful of making mistakes & being judged on your performance that you are beginning to think you have developed imposter syndrome & despite having moments of clarity & confidence you keep sabotaging your success by procrastinating repeatedly?

Maybe its time to stop struggling with self-worth, feeling undervalued & undeserving of making a lot of money or charging your true value!

Are you now ready to remove the fear, super-charge your self-belief, attract the clients, the success & become unstoppable in life & business?

Together we can identify your programmed self-limiting beliefs & release these internal mindset boundaries you have unconsciously created over time.

Our subconscious mind contains blueprints rather like a computer that runs software & they will be driving your behaviour & could be sabotaging the flow of ideas, your creativity, your productivity, your focus,  your progress & the clarity you need to expand & take your business to the next level. Mastering your mindset means BUSINESS GROWTH, SUCCESS, FULFILMENT & HAPPINESS!


EmpowerKIXX Coaching works with the subconscious mind & I use a combination of cutting-edge neuroscience techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, coaching & mind development tools with actionable success strategies to get you rapid results.

I help you get clarity, supercharge your self-belief & incorporate high performance thinking strategies into your life, develop resilience & create an action plan to help you achieve your business, career or life goals more easily than before.



EmpowerKIXX Session       

Initial Pre-Session Call

EmpowerKIXX Session 90 Minutes

Follow Up Call 30 Minutes



Get 3 Sessions for £697

ReInventKIXX Program

Relaunch Your Life & Love What You Do!

Are you now at a transition point in your life or career, & having gone back to work, although earning money again you feel stuck & have no zest for this role anymore?

Maybe you now feel ready to discover your life purpose? Ready to start creating your life by design? Is that even possible you wonder?

Or maybe you wonder if you are even going in the right direction in your life & career, as you now feel disillusioned, frustrated & super bored with your current role & you are now looking for a way out of corporate life.

Perhaps you are trying to figure out your next career move or getting ready to start your own business & be an entrepreneur & want the confidence to make the leap but you don’t know exactly how? Perhaps you want to make a big change & develop a brand new career path & need inspiration, motivation & accountability?

Do you want to find your PASSION & PURPOSE & make an impact in the World somehow?  Do you feel inspired to make a difference? Do you need clarity, support & guidance on how to make it happen?

Then my new program REINVENTKIXX is perfect for you!

I have created this unique 4 step system blueprint & I designed it with YOU in mind……….as I know how this feels, having spent years trying to work out my life purpose & it sucks to feel so frustrated & unhappy in a role that just doesn’t fit you anymore.

The best bit is…….you don’t have to wait years & years to un-cover yours……with my help & this program, in just 4 weeks everything will become clear & you will have your sparkle back!

This program is all about YOU……helping you step into your limitless potential & boldly pursue those dreams & goals that are totally about your own definition of success.

YOU getting in complete alignment with your PURPOSE, loving a new a role or business that reflects your strengths & your deeply held values………… as that is what will bring you joy, happiness, fulfilment & the income you desire!

It will enable you to discover your unique genius, tap into your passions, your unique strengths & talents, uncover your true calling in life, ignite your personal power & then empower you to take persistent courageous action to relaunch your life…….loving what you do!

ReInventKIXX Program

Your Individual Personality Profile Matrix

4 x Modules

Module 1: Define Your Genius Formula

Module 2:The Prosperous Passion Triad

Module 3:Empowerment Activator Cycle

Module 4:Rapid Results Creation

4 x  45 Minute The Purpose Quadrant Coaching Calls


(Payment Option of 4 x £222)



Please get in touch & I would be happy to discuss any problem you have & to see how I can support you with achieving your goals & how coaching works or answer any questions you may have about my programs.

Just call or email me to schedule in a 20-30 minute CONSULTATION & CLARITY CALL.

You can ask me anything & we can discuss what you need help with & what options there are within my areas of expertise to help you. It’s also an opportunity for me to ask some specific questions which will enable me to determine what kind of coaching, therapy or sessions would be right for you. 

Its totally FREE & lasts about 20-30 Minutes & if we both feel that we are a good fit to work together then we can look at all the possible ways to get you the results you are after. There is never any obligation to book anything……its totally up to you! 



Each coaching session is completely bespoke & tailored to the needs of the person & following our consultation call or pre-session call at which I gain a greater understanding of your problem situation, I will then design a combination of the most appropriate techniques to get the results for you in the following sessions. At this point I will also be able to determine how many sessions, if more than one would be required to get you the results.

Massive transformations can be achieved with just one or two sessions which is amazing & a fraction of the time & cost compared to traditional therapy methods which can take 10 sessions or more & many, many years.

My aim is always to get to the root cause of your problem & get the deepest change in the most effective & shortest way, by deeply changing your way of thinking, rewiring your belief systems, realigning your priorities & reshaping behaviours. 

Your current problem is actually a symptom of a deeper underlying ROOT problem. We eliminate the root problem by targeting negative emotions, removing limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, eradicate self-doubts, or fears & resolve deep internal values conflicts.

Unwanted habits or destructive strategies can be broken & an increased level of confidence & clarity can be obtained, enabling you to transform your life, career or business as you feel motivated & inspired to achieve your goals, as we unlock your inner potential & natural creativity which otherwise would have been beyond reach.

I will uncover your internal mind strategies with specific targeted questioning & other specific techniques. These are designed to bypass the usual conscious barriers or logical right-brained reasoning & they allow us to cut through to the deeper issues, getting to the underlying root cause that is preventing you moving forward, so that they can then be resolved completely.

My process works with the unconscious mind & the neuroplasticity of the brain. That is where all change happens. I have a unique ability to see people & immediately spot their patterns, unravel their limiting beliefs & subconscious conditioning that is driving the unwanted behaviour then effectively apply specific tools to overcome it.



  • Higher levels of self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Greater self-awareness & higher levels of emotional intelligence
  • Increased motivation, purpose & passion
  • Greater leadership skills
  • Increased business growth & profitability
  • Overcome fear of failure, judgement or rejection
  • Elimination of disempowering beliefs
  • Increased energy levels & performance
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Mastering stress or anxiety
  • Manage perfectionism & eradicate self-sabotage
  • More focused, decisive, effective & productive
  • Greater influence, impact & income
  • Clarity of vision, goals & strategy


Together we will explore the hidden blockages that are holding you back & the internal mindset strategies & thinking patterns that are leading to your problem behaviours . Sessions can be individual for a specific issue or a combination of 1-3 sessions for more in-depth work to get the desired results. 


TransformationKIXX Breakthrough PROGRAM

This program is for people who are ready to experience a real breakthrough & amazing transformation in their life & career. This program incorporates intensive mindset work, success strategies & cutting edge mind transformation techniques to identify & remove blockages for profound & lasting change.

You’ll receive my extensive knowledge of success strategies, powerful transformational tools & techniques, my Evolve Breakthrough System to release negative emotions from the past & 20 years of personal development expertise to support you with your life-changing 90 day transformation.        

  TransformationKIXX 90 Day Program        

2 x 90 Minutes MasterMind Sessions ( In- Person)

10 x 60 Minutes One-to-One Sessions ( Zoom or Skype)

Time-Line Therapy(TM) Transformation

Weekly Accountability & Tasks

Vision & Core Values Alignment

The MindKIXX Power Method

Goal Setting/Achieving Strategies

     Future Vision Creation


(Payment Options 3 x £1111)

Includes welcome package, beautiful journal, worksheets, exercises, bespoke face-to face coaching sessions, resources, insights, follow-up notes & constant supervision from me with regular contact in-between sessions. This program allows you full access to me throughout your journey with telephone & email support for the duration of the entire 90 day program.




IF YOU ARE READY for deep change & personal growth & complete life transformation then this program could be for you.


Get in touch & we can discuss if the TransformationKIXX Breakthrough program is right for you!





“I feel like a totally different person, having let go of so many negative emotions & beliefs about myself, that had weighed me down all my life. I now experience joy, laughter, fun & have a whole new feeling of confidence in myself…….I felt totally safe in your care. You were totally focused on achieving a positive outcome for me & I felt able to trust in you very quickly”