MindKIXX Wellbeing

Do you
yo-yo diet non stop, want to lose weight, wear the clothes you want, but feel you are constantly battling against yourself & never making headway & its affecting your confidence?

Do you struggle to get motivated to eat healthily, or never make the time to work-out as you’re so busy & really stressed out? Or you do work out but don’t enjoy it & yet still your body shape, weight or fat loss doesn’t change enough?

Do you suffer from low self-esteem or lack of body confidence & would love to feel strong, fearless & happy with the way you look?

Do you have unwanted food or sugar cravings, eat too much chocolate, deserts or cakes, then feel totally guilty & yet you don’t feel like you have the will-power to stop?

If you do say “YES” to any of these above, then you are not alone. What you really need is to totally adjust your thought patterns, break those bad habits, fire up your motivation, refocus your mindset & change what you eat on a daily basis & I can help you with that.


The 30 Day BodyKIXX Plan


The 30 Day BodyKIXX Plan is a scientifically proven nutritional weight loss system, which will cleanse, nourish & detoxify your digestive system, reset your metabolism so you kick-start your fat burning mechanism, lose the weight, increase your lean muscle, sleep better & feel amazing!

30 Day BodyKIXX Plan………………..Your Pack Can Be with You in 3 Days!!

Flood your body with nutrient dense smoothies, made from the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients, all of which are sourced from nature & taste delicious.

There are NO artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

Only 240 calories per smoothie & packed full of 22 vitamins & minerals & 24grams of high quality protein.

It only takes 30 seconds to blend with water, whizz & GO!!

I guide you through your first 30 days, ensuring you get the RESULTS you want following a 30 minute goal setting session, along with fitness & wellbeing tips, support & daily motivation from an inspirational motivated Facebook group.




This plan will help you achieve your body goals & with 30 DAYS of high quality dense nutrition, a unique holistic cleansing system, wellness motivation & inspiration, you will gain more energy, drop body fat, improve mental clarity, improve sleeping patterns, reduce visceral fat & build lean muscle as you combine exercise & enhance your results.

You will-

  • Lose weight & body fat
  • Be sleeping better
  • Remove unhealthy toxins
  • Have more energy
  • Drop a jean or dress size
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Have mental clarity
  • Improve gym performance
  • Feel fitter, stronger & healthier

You will also develop a focused positive mindset, by creating daily healthy habits, have ongoing access to wellbeing empowerment tools & strategies, all of which are specifically designed to enable you to feel happy & confident & finally have the body you desire!

Most clients get such amazing results from their first 30 days they then continue forwards onto a lifestyle maintenance program.

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“I have had several sessions with Sarah & at each one I felt safe & nurtured by her. She is very calm & focused as well as using her intuition to very successfully guide you through your emotions in order to release negative patterns that don’t serve you, which clears the mind to create new positive ones……….I would highly recommend anyone to experience a session with Sarah- she facilitated me changing my mindset about over-eating, which no-one else has done before!”  A.Gardner


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