5 Steps To A Confident Attitude


A confident attitude is a state of mind & yet there are key elements that are important if you want to consistently achieve your goals. Adding in the mental toughness to deal effectively with the challenges along the way, will ensure you don’t falter.

I have found that implementing these 5 steps will ensure you stay focused for the long haul & ultimately help you achieve what you set out to do, as within the 5 steps you have the mixture of internal thought processes & external behaviours.



PASSION – Understanding what drives you at a deep level is important as this keeps you focused, excited, fulfilled & gives you the necessary fuel to drive you forward & creates inbuilt momentum.

ASK YOURSELF– What makes me feel alive & what do I love doing when left to my own devices & how can I incorporate those elements into how I approach things?



CLARITY OF INTENTION – Having a very crystal clear idea of what you want, or what you want to achieve gives your brain, clear imprinted instructions of exactly, what you are aiming for.

ASK YOURSELF-What exactly do I want here, what’s my end outcome, what specifically is it? Then write it down, so it’s clear, front & centre of what you do.



BELIEF IN YOURSELF– Having unshakeable rock-solid belief in your capabilities & your ability to make those dreams, projects, big goals a reality, is crucial to your success.

ASK YOURSELF– How can I speak to myself, in a way that will motivate me to do my best?



DETERMINATION– Most things of value require true grit, stamina & a relentless persistence, as its over the long term that we see measurable results.

BE CONSISTENT– Keep going, no matter what……a tenacious attitude is a great attribute.



PURPOSEFUL ACTION– Nothing happens without the necessary action, you can plan, dream, think, visualise ( which are all great components of course) however, its the physical action, the doing of the tasks that makes it happen.

Like making the calls, setting the appointments, chatting to the relevant people or attending specific events that make the goal or outcomes become reality.

COMPLETE THE TASKS– Start executing the major plan. Break it up into management chunks & do each task one by one.


Overall the 5 steps will give you a more confident attitude & a robust framework to follow, they will keep you in check, as you go after your goals, dreams & major projects.

Allow yourself to pay attention to what is working along the way & realise you can always adjust the pathway, always adjust your actions, but remember to circle back around the steps to refocus your confident attitude which underpins it all.