Awesome Goals

If you want to BE, DO or HAVE more in all areas of your life, then you need to get serious about setting BIG AWESOME GOALS for the remaining 6 months of the year & beyond! ??

?Start today & think about anything you have ever wanted, be unlimited in your desires, go wild, go crazy, visualise the things that will make you happy & successful, no restrictions & get out a fresh new A4 pad & write down everything you can think of…..don’t even edit yourself!

We are only limited by our own imagination… just allow yourself to DREAM BIG!

Just keep adding to your list over the next few days & then read it aloud with excitement & expectation!

?Then to begin with, choose your TOP 5 Goals for the remainder of 2019 & start to get more specific by defining each of them individually.

?What does this look like, what will I experience when I have it? Give it a timeframe. Be specific!

?Note down any potential stumbling blocks or obstacles that may get in the way & think about how you can overcome them.

?Make a list of people or organisations that can help & assist you- this is where magic can occur as you start to bring resources together to propel you forward.

?Visualise your goals every day as if you have already achieved them, first thing in the morning & last thing at night.

?Create 6 positive action steps for each goal this also activates your RAS ( Reticular Activating System) which makes you aware of what you need to do to make them happen.

?Ultimately take complete 100% responsibility for making these happen as they are your dreams & goals…..& it’s your happiness!