How Your Beliefs Are Shaping Your Business Success.

How can BELIEFS make a difference to your BUSINESS GOALS when you are an entrepreneur?

Beliefs are probably one of the most important things you need to consider when you have been taking serious action on your business GOALS & yet, you are still not making the progress you desire.

Beliefs are an internal powerful framework that we use to shape our experience of the WORLD?– they are the stories & explanations about WHY our life’s or businesses are being held back in some way.

Newsflash…..they are not TRUE they are not FACTS…..& we think they are, & that is what trips us up & keeps us stuck in a loop of not progressing further.
We then have a clear block & that is how the problem appears to us, which leads to us not getting the goal.

Unwittingly these beliefs become our RULES for living, as they are the WINDOWS ?through which we view our WORLD ? & they will create unseen barriers if they are not supporting our business goals, no matter how hard we try! ?

Our beliefs were created as we grew up, we accepted them from our parents, teachers & authoritative figures & from this early age, we may have LEARNT limitations about what we are capable of, or how GOOD we are at a particular subject or skill.

As an entrepreneur, or small business owner what you BELIEVE about yourself, what you BELIEVE about your abilities, what you BELIEVE you CAN DO or CANNOT DO , will determine your behaviour, that is the actions you take & that leads to your END RESULTS.

This will also include actions you don’t take or things you avoid doing as you may believe you can’t do something, so you don’t even try.

Illuminating those limiting beliefs can give you more choice as you begin to realise they are NOT true.


1)Think about one of your business goals that you really want to achieve⭐️


2) What do you currently believe about this……do you believe you can have it YET? ⭐️


3) If NOT……….your reasons or excuses, for believing that, are the VERY beliefs that are holding you back, from really going after that goal.⭐️


4) Once you begin to realise this, you have IDENTIFIED them & you have illuminated that belief, you can then START to CHALLENGE IT.⭐️


5) What are some OPPOSITE beliefs that might also be TRUE about this particular goal?⭐️


Once you begin to VIEW your goal with a new perspective & begin to challenge that BELIEF, you start to shift your mindset & take different actions⭐️