Mid-Year Goals….how are you doing?

Did you set some goals at the beginning of the year….if so, then now is a good time to reflect on how you are doing, whether you are on track or need to revise.

If you didn’t get round to it or actually set yourself some New Year resolutions that didn’t last then why not press the reset button on the last half of the year & get creating!!

GOALS give you a sense of meaning & purpose, they give you direction & as you move closer to your goals you feel happier & stronger, more energised & confident in your abilities. Thinking, speaking & writing about your goals will give you a laser-like focus & motivate you to take the necessary actions to achieve them.

Creating goals in all areas of your life, such as Career or Business, Family, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Finances, Fun & Personal Development will get you excited, you will feel more positive & optimistic about your future & your purpose in life!

The SMART criteria ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable or Achievable, Realistic, Timed) is one very specific way to activate your RAS (Reticular Activating System-your goal-seeking device inside your mind) but if you really want to super-charge your results, take these 5 additional actions.

  1. WRITE your goals down & re-read them every day for 21 days straight , as this will firmly embed them into your subconscious mind- thereby driving your actions & therefore your results.
  2. Make a TASK LIST of all the things that you can think of right now, that you will need to accomplish to achieve those goals- take action on one thing, no matter how small…& do it TODAY.
  3. Ensure your goals are PERSONAL to you, what I mean by that is, they have real meaning- if you are not particularly bothered about achieving them, you will most certainly not tap into your reasons WHY. Your why is ultimately, your motivating & driving force.
  4. Take action & ACT AS IF- this means, if you were 100% certain & that it was a foregone conclusion you would achieve that goal, would you behave differently NOW?
  5. VISUALISE your outcome- what is the end result of your goal? Imagine yourself having that goal, what would that feel like? What would that look like? What would you hear? Where would you be? What would you see? Who would you be with? Really re-live that as if you have already achieved it, in all of its glorious technicolour & pump up the volume for power & energy!

Spend time in the first half of this month, to really get clear on your specific goals for the remainder of the year. Or revise those existing goals from January & start adding in the extra steps for ramping up your goal achievement!