Step Into Happiness

Question Yourself For Success-

Sunday is a perfect day to reflect on the week before & think about ways to improve on any challenges you may have had & then you can take the necessary action to move yourself forwards for the coming week.

In coaching one of the ways I work with clients is to ask very specific questions, ones which will hone in on a problem or situation & shine a light on it which then leads to new insights & awareness.

These specific questions below which actually come from similar ones by Anthony Robbins, will totally orientate your mindset to look for solutions, when similar challenges happen in the future.

You can also then start to feel good about being able to deal with your problems easily & effortlessly.


Find a quiet space & ask yourself:

  • How was that situation actually a benefit to me……& what did I learn about myself?


  • How will I feel when that problem is no longer an issue in my life?


  • What solutions can I imagine that would solve this challenge?


  • If I could choose to deal with this situation in a way that empowered me…… would I handle it now?


Take some time today or whenever you need to, reflect & switch up your thinking & start to master your mind.

This is one of the first steps to happiness.

If you begin to realise that your challenging circumstances or problematic situations can often be viewed with a completely different perspective, you will start to feel more EMPOWERED & start creating different results!