Switch Up Your State & Change Your Mood

Have you woken up feeling totally out of sorts & don’t know why.

Have you ever suddenly found yourself feeling a bit low or unhappy & yet there is no real explanation for this……..you have not just had any bad news or something hasn’t just all gone wrong & yet you feel a little funky!

There are several different techniques that will produce a powerful shift in your mood & this is one which always helps clients to dramatically shift their unhappy state to a much more empowered mindset & gives them a new perspective. I have adapted the technique slightly so you can use it now.

Firstly, for you it’s about getting super inquisitive about what is actually going on, inside your mind & body at this moment.

One of the powerful things I have learnt since becoming trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming is that for you to feel any emotion such as, happy, sad, frustrated, angry, elated or even overwhelm there will be changes taking place within your body & your mind at that precise moment & they are producing that feeling.

It is likely that you too, will be making images (inside your mind) that make you feel bad or unhappy, you will also probably be talking to yourself in a pessimistic way & you will be feeling pretty uncomfortable somewhere in your body.

It is important to NOTICE those images, NOTICE that tone of voice & the specific words that you are using & NOTICE whereabouts exactly in your body that strange feeling is.

To switch up your state & change your mood & revitalise your focus onto a happier more positive frame of mind, you simply start to change those elements one by one yourself……remembering always YOU ARE IN CONTROL & by slowing down this process….you shift!

Take the image you have &……

🌀Move the negative image further & further away, right into the distance well over the horizon so it shrinks into a teeny tiny dot.

🌀Now……Imagine a brand new image of you feeling happy & inspired & make that large, make it big & bold.

Take that moaning, pessimistic voice &……

🌀Replace it with positive soft silky smooth tones & replace them with encouraging words & positive suggestions instead.

Next……notice & locate….

🌀That strange feeling inside your body & shift it to another part of your body….maybe to your foot or to your shoulder…….it sounds silly but it works.

🌀Totally move your body around, stand up quickly & shake your arms out & if you are sitting down at your desk in your office & that might look a little weird, then  switch your position by crossing your legs or leaning differently forwards or backwards & start take deeper breaths.

All of these changes, some of them subtle & some of them massive moves…….will altogether impact your mood & you will feel happier & your internal thoughts will naturally change.🌀