The Power Of Journalling

Becoming aware of the patterns you are running inside your mind is a good start to understanding WHY you do the things you do & journalling will bring some of those patterns to the surface.

Your repeated patterns of thought lead to you taking specific actions & that can lead you along the pathway to your goals or in the opposite direction & take you further away.

Have you noticed that in one area of your life, you keep making the same mistakes or you keep coming across the same problem time after time?

Perhaps it’s time to analyse your thought process around that issue.

? Find a quiet place that is free from distractions & switch off your phone & computer….what!

Yes……….. you need to focus on you & peace & solitude will help you do that.

? First thing in the morning is often a good time – setting aside 15 mins before you do anything else & just grab your journal or special notebook.

?Ask yourself……”What issue keeps reappearing in my life that keeps me stuck?

Write it down…..write what comes to mind.

?Then ask yourself….” What am I thinking about that situation?

Write all that comes into your mind again.

?You will find yourself eventually coming up with statements that begin “I am…..”

If those statements are not positive & empowering then you have begun to uncover the source of your behaviour & that awareness is powerful step to understanding yourself more.

Identity statements are part of your internal dialogue,  some are surface level & you will notice you may say them to yourself when you push yourself a little outside your comfort zone.

By doing this journalling exercise you start to become more conscious of your patterns of thought & why you might be struggling in a particular area of your life or business.

Most core identity statements are hidden deep within your subconscious mind, they are deeper than any limiting belief, deeper than any values you have about yourself or the World & those will be consistently driving your behaviour & your actions.

I work with my clients in the EmpowerKIXX sessions to discover these deep core identity statements & then totally eliminate the deep destructive core identity statements.

What are you currently noticing in your own life right now?

Repeated procrastination,

Lack of confidence,


Fear of being judged or critiqued,

Fear of being visible & stepping up in your business,

Avoiding difficulties & challenging situations for fear of failing,

Inability to set goals or take action on them,

Fears of never being loved or expecting to be hurt,

Bad habits, such as over eating or excess drinking,

If you are repeatedly slipping into the same behaviour patterns time after time, no matter how hard you try to change……you have unconscious blocks & you can’t change them with just sheer will-power.


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