Bold-Self Breakthrough


Who is this for:

Ideal for high-achieving females in leadership & female entrepreneurs who want to eliminate imposter syndrome, build unshakeable confidence & bullet-proof self-esteem & become fiercely visible. To dramatically enhance their leadership skills & show up unapologetically, enabling them to get a seat at the board, or build a wildly successful business, breakthrough income plateaus & shatter their own glass ceilings.

Why would you want this:   

Are you a doubting yourself more often than not, or have fears about your abilities on a big project or task & its interfering with you taking the purposeful action that you know you need to take to be more visible, get more clients or win new business contracts?

Are there times when you have stayed in the background, fearful & not visible enough & you have held yourself back from speaking up & then regretted it afterwards?

Have you even begun to realise that you are avoiding certain situations that put you in the spotlight, maybe avoiding speaking at bigger events as whilst you are good at what you do, you don’t relish presenting to large audiences?

Do you feel overworked, overwhelmed, maybe showing signs of suffering from burnout & really long for balance, calm & focus. So you can stop feeling empty & exhausted & get back to performing at the level that you know you usually can.

Or have you missed big promotional opportunities, because you didn’t have the courage & confidence to step forward & you are now ready to project credibility & have a powerful presence instead of feeling dismissed & invisible.

Often female leaders come to me because the more successful they get, the more resistance they feel from their male counterparts & imposter syndrome kicks in & they don’t step up to confront the unconscious bias & its holding them back.


Do you recognise any of these in yourself?





Often these issues will be accompanied by unpleasant feelings or negative thinking such as:




These issues of “lack of confidence ” “procrastination”  “feelings of failure” for example, are actually indicators that there is a problem at a much deeper level inside your mind & this is what we get to work on inside this program.


What would it be like to 10 X YOUR CONFIDENCE LEVELS, CRUSH SELF-DOUBT & OVERCOME IMPOSTER SYNDROME & get results you really desire, without the endless struggle, without the stress, without the constant use of sheer willpower to push through?


The answer is in my powerful 6 Week signature program – BOLD-SELF BREAKTHROUGH   


What exactly is this:

It’s a unique 1-1 program I have developed to eliminate the ROOT CAUSES at the deep level of your identity & your self-concept which are the cause of your imposter syndrome, confidence issues, self esteem & self-belief issues.

We rewire those negative thought patterns at a subconscious level & eliminate any deep-level negative emotions, as these will be preventing you from showing up with bold confidence, certainty & courage in all that you do.

There is an initial deep-dive subconscious assessment which will reveal to me exactly what we need to work on, as each client is different & has unique ROOT CAUSES & unique CONFIDENCE DISRUPTERSTM

I use a combination of neuroscience processes, including Time-Line TherapyTM   to heal & release old stuck emotions like Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Hurt, Judgement or Shame which will be related to past experiences & significant emotional events that are currently having a detrimental effect on your confidence levels right now.

During the program we uncover your own specific personal goal achievement strategy that is totally unique to you, which will completely transform how you get things done in the future with minimum resistance. It will be goodbye to procrastination & losing valuable time- this is by far a game-changing technique on its own!

In your final call you will gain bespoke action steps to embed your new confident identity & enhanced leadership skills.


What is included:

One x 30 Minute Clarity Call & Deep Dive Questionnaire

This will trigger major insights & begin the transformation BEFORE we do the main sessions

Two x 120 Minute Sessions- The Genius Activation PyramidTM

Uncovering your specific root causes & releasing all your limitations & Confidence DisruptersTM

Rewiring the brain & installing Confidence, Courage & Certainty

One x 60 Minute Personal Goal Achievement Strategy Call

Creating your next-level Goal Achievement Blueprint for rapid momentum

One x 30 Minute Follow Up Call & 6 Week Support

You will be guided & empowered to take results-orientated actions & embed the changes for continued success with zero resistance

Investment  £1800

(or 3 x £650 Payments)


This is for you if:

Are you sometimes indecisive – like a part of you thinks one thing & a part of you thinks the opposite, so you have an internal mindset battle going on? This results in you taking two steps forward & then not following through or sabotaging your efforts.

Are you stressed, have anxious negative thoughts or self-doubts about your capabilities. especially when you go after something outside your comfort zone- maybe a big project, presentation, promotion or even standing up for yourself in difficult situations.

Do you want to get far more visible, promote yourself without feeling sick to your stomach at the thought of your peers criticising & judging you.

Do you sometimes find yourself not feeling good enough or capable enough & talk yourself out of taking action or showing up for opportunities that could elevate your career.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’m not worthy” or ” I’m not talented enough to do X” or “I need to be perfect”?


 These internal narratives & unpleasant feelings will consistently hold you back & prevent you from achieving the success you really desire.

Are you ready to STOP the struggle, frustration, wasted time & money & start achieving your desired results faster & easier than before?


How do significant emotional events from your past affect your confidence in the present?

If for example, you were bullied at school it is clearly a very unpleasant experience & as a child we have a desire to be liked & accepted. In those moments of pain, humiliation, anguish & embarassment you may decide that “I must be a horrid person”  or ” All people are mean”  or “I’m not lovable”. 

These significant experiences become fixed & hardwired like a video-recording program into our brains as we have internalised the negative emotions & this leads to a habitual way of thinking & feeling over time & patterns of behaviour are then formed as a result.

As an adult, you may start to avoid certain situations & hiding behind a false mask & not being yourself for fear of rejection, without even realising why you are doing this. You may find yourself, “not speaking your mind”  “not standing up for yourself” or “not collaborating with others or “not going after opportunities for fear of judgement , so proving to yourself you are “not lovable or likeable” which continually reinforces the cycle & holds you back in your leadership or your business.


How exactly does it work:

My speciality is working with the subconscious mind & I expertly identify your specific subconscious patterns, thought processes & mental obstacles from the initial assessment questionnaire.

During the first 2 hour session using my A.C.U.I.T.Y. process, I uncover your specific deeper level core identity structures & your unique mental strategies related to the problem.

I find the ROOT CAUSES of your problem which will be related to your past childhood values, beliefs, decisions or significant emotional experiences, which you will not be consciously aware of.

You developed these ROOT CAUSES as responses to experiences, relationships & significant emotional events as a protection mechanism. You don’t need these specific responses, triggers & behaviours now, they are outdated but they are running on automatic, they are unconscious, habitual structures of thoughts & behaviours & they do need to change if you want new results.

Then using my unique process the Genius Activation PyramidTM I rewire the neural pathways in your mind to get powerful permanent positive change for you. It is a completely safe & comfortable process & at times you will go into a light trance-like state as we go through the processes, with no need to recall any painful memories or “face your fears”.

This is rapid transformational change & following each session you immediately react, feel & behave differently. You will find afterwards that you no longer avoid certain situations like you did before & you will feel compelled to take the actions towards your desired results.

We wrap up each session with bespoke actions to embed the changes & take advantage of the new energy & momentum that comes with healing & releasing the root causes & schedule a follow up call.


What would it be like if you could:

  • 10 X your confidence levels
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Have increased motivation, purpose & passion
  • Gain unshakeable self-confidence & bullet-proof self-esteem
  • Stop self-sabotaging by procrastinating & exploded your productivity
  • Trusted yourself & became more decisive, focused, calm & in control
  • Have more energy & enthusiasm for your projects
  • Release the fears of failure, judgement & rejection
  • Increase your self-worth & have total belief & conviction in yourself & your capabilities
  • Enhance your personal presence, charisma & presenting skills


If you know you should be further ahead & you know something is holding you back & yet you have no idea how to overcome it, then let me help you.

In less than 40 days you can 10 X your confidence levels like never before & consistently show up in all areas of your life with BOLD COURAGE, CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, CHARISMA & 10X YOUR RESULTS!!


“Before my sessions with Sarah-Louise I had crippling anxiety, felt constantly overwhelmed, and was unable to focus on my business to drive it forward. Not only did the anxiety drop away with our time together but my confidence has been growing from strength to strength.

It has been a year since we worked together and the results are still improving! No anxiety attacks, no overwhelm and I have finally stepped away from my business that I realised was unfulfilling so that I can focus on creating my dream calling. Thank you Sarah-Louise for your patience, kindness and skilled expertise. My life has truly changed for the better – so much so I now wake up each morning smiling”

Helen Leach -Business Owner

Rainbow Bridge Companions & Holistic Pet Directory



“When I first met with Sarah-Louise, I was a little nervous, but she made me feel very welcome & relaxed & totally at ease. She was very understanding & made me not feel that I should be embarrassed about having these feelings. Specifically I went to see Sarah-Louise for my anxiety around teaching although I did get anxiety attacks in other situations. We did some mental exercises, which at times I did struggle with but Sarah-Louise kept on being encouraging & understanding & I felt so much better, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
The final result from that session when I was due to be teaching the next day. I entered the room with a far more positive attitude, I felt more in control………once I started I believed in myself more than ever.
Since seeing Sarah-Louise, my close friends have noticed a change in me for the better that I seem more confident, happy & positive. I now am so confident within my teaching that I really enjoy doing it.” 
Alison. E.       Private Client