FEARLESS – Finding Your Authentic Voice


Who is this for:

Ideal for professionals, business owners, leaders or individuals who want to dramatically enhance presenting abilities or leadership skills, so you can show up with a powerful presence, confidence & assertiveness, enabling you to advance your career, give the speech of your life or build a wildly successful business. Perfect if you want to eliminate imposter syndrome & become fearless in speaking your message authentically.



Why would you need this:   

We all get caught up in the type of thinking that makes us doubt our capabilities, despite there being plenty of evidence to the contrary, especially when we need to show up, speak up & stand out!

Have you got a big presentation coming up & yet inside you are actually quaking in your boots?

Are you avoiding going after a promotion, or wary of taking on a higher leadership position.

Perhaps you feel that you are “not being good enough” “articulate enough” or “knowledgeable enough” to speak up about the very thing you are an expert on.

If you recognise yourself below, then I can help you.


  • Are there times when you have stayed in the background, or have held yourself back from speaking up & then watched someone else talk about the very idea you had wanted to say, but didn’t.


  • Have you begun to realise that you are avoiding certain situations that put you in the spotlight, maybe avoiding presenting altogether, as whilst you are good at what you do, you don’t relish speaking to large audiences or presenting to senior directors.


  • Or have you missed crucial opportunities for advancement, because you didn’t have the confidence to step forward & yet you definitely do want to project credibility, authority & exude a powerful presence.


  • Maybe you feel like a fraud in your business & despite your qualifications, certifications & expertise you feel like others can do things better than you, so you avoid putting yourself out there.


Do you recognise any of these behaviours in yourself?






Often there are fears that accompany these behaviours, such as:





Imagine A Future Where You:

  • Speak with confidence & ease, effortlessly expressing yourself
  • Were fearlessly visible & exuded confidence in your own abilities
  • Had more motivation, energy & enthusiasm for becoming visible online
  • No longer identified with Imposter Syndrome
  • Felt like you had unshakeable self-confidence in new situations
  • Could start owning your unique perspective & began speaking with more authority
  • Speak up & go after what you want without caring what people think
  • Started trusting yourself, so you were more decisive, focused & less distracted
  • Stopped questioning yourself, so you no longer played the comparison game
  • Confidently promoted your work without dreading criticism & without needing to justify yourself or people-please
  • Unleashed your natural charisma, so it feels effortless to just be YOU, so you no longer need to edit yourself for fear of being “too much”, or “not enough”
  • Stood out as a charismatic leader & finally felt comfortable presenting to larger audiences


If you are ready, I can help you, my messages on achieving mental toughness, adopting a winning mindset, developing confidence, leadership effectiveness & creating high-performance teams whilst in pursuit of excellence has inspired many management teams & leadership groups throughout my career.

I have over 25 years of experience speaking, presenting, designing & leading conferences, trainings, workshops & facilitating groups inside & outside of organisations.


Introducing FEARLESS-Finding Your Authentic Voice   


What exactly is this:

We work together 1-1  over 30 days & transform your speaking abilities in every aspect. It’s a very bespoke process & I begin by using my A.C.U.I.T.Y. process, which uncovers your very unique & specific deeper-level core beliefs & self-concepts & unique thought patterns related to your fears or anxieties around speaking & presenting.

These are deep unconscious patterns & you will not be consciously aware of them, which is why you have not been able to solve this problem yourself with will-power or a particular strategy.

You have developed these specific deeper level core beliefs & self-concepts as a response to many different experiences, certain relationships or significant emotional events that occurred during your childhood.

Using a number of different modalities within our work together, we rewire the neural pathways in your mind to get powerful permanent positive change for you.

We wrap up the sessions with bespoke actions to embed the changes & take advantage of the new energy & momentum that comes afterwards & schedule the follow up calls.

I take you through step by step my 5 Winning Secrets To Magical Speaking so you can go on to deliver a compelling speech or presentation that inspires, captivates & wins over your audience with dynamic impact, every time!



What is included:

ONE x 30 Minute Clarity Call & Pre-Questionnaire 

This will trigger insights & begin the transformative work before we do the main session

FOUR x 1 Hour In-Person Sessions

Uncovering & rewiring your unique self-concept & deep level core beliefs related to speaking & presenting.

TWO x 30 Minute Follow Up Calls

30 Day Support Afterwards

BONUS– Plus I take you through step by step my 5 Winning Secrets To Magical Speaking so you can deliver a compelling speech or presentation that inspires, captivates & wins over your audience with dynamic impact, every time! 

Investment  £4995


This is perfect for you if:

Do you have an upcoming presentation or event that you need to deliver & although you know your content, you are secretly quaking in your boots, as all eyes will be upon you.

Do you have anxious negative thoughts or self-doubts about your capabilities. especially when you go after something outside your comfort zone- maybe a big project, promotion or even standing up for yourself in difficult situations.

Do you want to get far more visible in your business, promoting & marketing yourself & your services without feeling sick to your stomach.

Have you ever found yourself saying “I’m just not expert enough” or “Who am I to do XYZ?”  or “I need to be perfect before XYZ”


 These internal narratives & unpleasant feelings will consistently hold you back & prevent you from achieving the success you really desire.

Are you ready to STOP the frustrations, embarrassment & missed opportunities & finally start showing up fearlessly, authentic & unapologetically you?



Why does this program work:  

Most of our learned behaviour as a child before the age of  seven is where we create “core beliefs” about the World. These are created in our subconscious mind, within our brain & we are like sponges, absorbing & downloading everything that was going on in our environment.

Between birth & seven years old we only have a subconscious mind & therefore internalise everything as “truth”. We don’t yet have the ability to apply logical critical, conscious evaluation & so accept the opinions, thoughts, morals & rules of our parents or care-givers at this point in our life’s.

These ‘truths” or “core beliefs” are where we get our fixed ideas, our worldview, our reality about life. They become our own evaluations, our own opinions about life & when internalised with strong emotions they become our guiding motivations & overall form our unique perception of the World. These experiences, events & emotions begin to form our self-concept & who we believe ourselves to be & what our capabilities are. 

To give you an example of how these early experiences will lead to present situations as an adult, so let’s use the example of bullying.

If you were bullied at school, which is sadly very common & clearly a very unpleasant experience, as a child we have a desire to be liked & accepted. So in those moments of pain, humiliation, anguish or embarrassment you may decide that “I am a horrid person”  or “I’m not good enough”  or “I’m not lovable” or “I am not safe” or ” I better not stand out because I will get hurt” or ” I should be seen & not heard”

These become internal narratives that play on repeat & become hardwired like a video-recording program into our brains, we then internalise the negative emotions associated with this unpleasant experience. This leads to a way of thinking & feeling over time that becomes habitual, so behaviour patterns of avoidance of similar situations are formed as a result.

Eventually, as an adult, you start to avoid certain situations & hiding behind a false mask & not being yourself for fear of rejection, criticism, or judgement without even realising why you are doing this. You may find yourself, “not speaking your mind”  “not standing up for yourself” or “not collaborating with others or “not feeling expert enough”  so proving to yourself you are “not lovable” or ” a horrid person” or “that it’s best to stay quiet” which continually reinforces the cycle & stops you speaking fearlessly & authentically.

As humans, we are hardwired to stay consistent with our “core beliefs” & our “self-concept” & so unconsciously we continually find ourselves in situations that match this thinking & this leads to our present problematic situation of  feeling afraid to present, speak up or step up to the next level in our career.



Common Outcomes You Can Expect:


  • Increased motivation, purpose & passion
  • Gaining unshakeable self-confidence & bullet-proof self-esteem
  • Owning your voice & speaking with authority
  • Trusting yourself to perform, when all eyes are upon you
  • Master your nerves, feel relaxed & at ease delivering a presentation
  • Deal with confrontation, without feeling attacked
  • Feeling at ease putting yourself forward for that promotion or asking for a pay-rise
  • Feeling comfortable raising your fees, 3 X or even 5 X more, without fear of rejection or judgement
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Trusting yourself & becoming more decisive, focused, calm & in control
  • Feeling deep-down safe & secure, no longer feeling invisible & dismissed
  • Releasing the fears of failure, judgement, rejection or comparison
  • Feeling an unshakeable belief & strong conviction in yourself & your capabilities
  • Enhancing your personal presence, charisma & presenting skills


Results May Vary As Each Person Is Unique



“Before my sessions with Sarah-Louise I had crippling anxiety, felt constantly overwhelmed, and was unable to focus on my business to drive it forward. Not only did the anxiety drop away with our time together but my confidence has been growing from strength to strength.

It has been a year since we worked together and the results are still improving! No anxiety attacks, no overwhelm and I have finally stepped away from my business that I realised was unfulfilling so that I can focus on creating my dream calling. Thank you Sarah-Louise for your patience, kindness and skilled expertise. My life has truly changed for the better – so much so I now wake up each morning smiling”

Helen L.

Business Owner



“When I first met with Sarah-Louise, I was a little nervous, but she made me feel very welcome & relaxed & totally at ease. She was very understanding & made me not feel that I should be embarrassed about having these feelings. Specifically I went to see Sarah-Louise for my anxiety around teaching although I did get anxiety attacks in other situations. We did some mental exercises, which at times I did struggle with but Sarah-Louise kept on being encouraging & understanding & I felt so much better, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
The final result from that session when I was due to be teaching the next day. I entered the room with a far more positive attitude, I felt more in control………once I started I believed in myself more than ever.
Since seeing Sarah-Louise, my close friends have noticed a change in me for the better that I seem more confident, happy & positive. I now am so confident within my teaching that I really enjoy doing it.” 
Alison. E.      
Private Client





PLEASE REACH OUT TO SARAH CRAGG at sarah@mindkixx.com