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One-to -one performance & business mentorship to accelerate your desired results.

I will be your guide, confidante, strategist & mentor to elevate you or your business to the next level.





3 x Monthly Transformative 1-1 Strategy Calls

3 Months of Bespoke Mentorship

INFINITE U Bespoke Peak-Performance Portfolio

Email Support Between Sessions

Accountability Check-Ins

£ 2995 




“I feel like a totally different person, having let go of so many negative emotions & beliefs about myself, that had weighed me down all my life. I now experience joy, laughter, fun & have a whole new feeling of confidence in myself…….I felt totally safe in your care. You were totally focused on achieving a positive outcome for me & I felt able to trust in you very quickly”  

Katherine T.



“The next day after our second session, I increased my fees by 20% knowing I had an important client meeting lined up with a CEO of a large organisation & I felt totally comfortable saying my new fees & no longer had the anxiety that I used to feel before. I now really understand the value of what I bring to the market. That contract turned out to be one of my most lucrative to-date…….this result alone has changed my outlook & financial situation completely. Thank you so much Sarah-Louise.”

Susan B.

Corporate Executive





I help SME’s & larger corporations as a Peak-Performance & Leadership Consultant or Motivational Speaker with my expertise gained from 3 decades of retail business success.. I bring to the table key skills in the following areas: operational excellence, peak-performance leadership, strategic communication skills, employee engagement abilities, consulting capacity to directors & senior executives on strategic initiatives, motivation & leadership of large teams delivering objectives, targets, goals & complex projects.

Plus over 25 years of customer centric, team building & leadership training design & delivery, alongside speaking & presenting at conferences & events.




Extensive Business Questionnaire

Initial 3 Hour Business Review Meeting

5 x Monthly 90 Minute 1-1 Strategy Calls

6 Months of Business Mentorship

INFINITE U Bespoke Peak-Performance Portfolio

Email Support Between Sessions

Accountability Check-Ins

6 x £1450 




“I have felt more confident about myself & about what I can achieve. I have a more positive outlook about my life & business short & long-term. I feel more confident as a person both personally & professionally & therefore I value what I do much more.

Sarah-Louise has taught me the tools to help cope with anxiety, procrastination & change my mindset so that I have the tools to cope when I doubt myself or have a little wobble.

I have taken myself out of my comfort zone with my business as I have launched new products, increased my prices & overall I value my self-worth much more.
I’m putting myself out there & networking more that I used to, as this was something that I found really hard to do.

I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone that wants to change their mindset or improve their personal or business life. I’ve worked very closely with Sarah-Louise over the past year & it has had a huge impact on my life”

Alex. G

Business Owner


“I have achieved so much towards reaching my goals. Sarah-Louise has helped me re-energise my brand & business, streamlined my products & services for future customers & guided me to new business opportunities. 

Sarah-Louise’s knowledge & executive retail consulting over the weeks has proved essential for me to focus & become productive in business & personal life, enabling me to feel ready to make positive changes, believing in myself. 

I highly recommend Sarah-Louise’s knowledge, techniques & understanding to guide me on the right path again. Thank-you for your patience & positive guidance towards my exciting future!”

Mandy. M.    

Designer & Business Owner