QuantumKIXX Femme


For the ambitious mission-led, purpose-fuelled & impact-driven females who are ready to quantum accelerate their mission, craft their pioneering ideas into epic masterful creations, heal & release anything holding them back, gain massive momentum whilst creating true abundance.



Do you want to discover your unique genius, your life purpose & deep dive into your unique strengths & talents & release the emotional baggage from the past that weighs you down?

Then this program will help you DREAM & DEFINE,  EXPLORE & EMPOWER & ultimately help you create the IMPACT & INCOME you desire.

A 6 Month Private 1-1 Mentorship Program

This is for females who are ready to experience real mind-blowing breakthroughs & amazing positive transformations in every area of their life. This program incorporates intensive subconscious mind work, strategic intervention, success & achievement philosophies, results driven strategies & cutting edge techniques to identify & remove subconscious blockages for profound & lasting change.

You will get my expertise of powerful transformational techniques & experience the unique Evolve Breakthrough VIP Days to release negative emotions from the past, like anger, sadness, guilt, fear, hurt, shame, judgement, unworthiness & more. 

In this program, we work at the deep-level, healing inner-child, parental wounds & generational patterns. We will eliminate all the blocks & negative thought programs at an unconscious level, the ones that are keeping you severely stuck & unfulfilled. You also get to tap into my 30 years of business & personal development expertise to support you with your life-changing transformation.

Whats Included:

1 x 120 Minute Initial Clarity & Goal Outcomes & Alignment Session (Zoom/FF)

Fortnightly 60-Minute Bespoke Transformational Coaching Sessions ( Zoom/FF)

3 x Evolve Breakthrough VIP Days At Luxury Hotel

Detail of Program:

Authentic Alignment

Super-Power Genius FormulaTM

The Mission QuadrantTM

Masterful Creations

Quantum PioneerTM

Super-Conscious Co-CreationTM

Amplify Abundance & Accelerate

The Prosperous Passion TriadTM

Empowerment Activator CycleTM

Rapid Results CreationTM


Includes welcome package, beautiful journal, worksheets, modules, bespoke 1-1 high-level coaching sessions, resources, high-level insights, follow-up notes & full support in-between sessions.      

Investment £33,000

(Payment Plans Available)


“I have felt more confident about myself & about what I can achieve. I have a more positive outlook about my life & business short & long-term. I feel more confident as a person both personally & professionally & therefore I value what I do much more.

Sarah-Louise has taught me the tools to help cope with anxiety, procrastination & change my mindset so that I have the tools to cope when I doubt myself or have a little wobble.

I have taken myself out of my comfort zone with my business as I have launched new products, increased my prices & overall I value my self-worth much more.
I’m putting myself out there & networking more that I used to, as this was something that I found really hard to do.

I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone that wants to change their mindset or improve their personal or business life. I’ve worked very closely with Sarah-Louise over the past year & it has had a huge impact on my life”

Alex. G

Business Owner


“I have achieved so much towards reaching my goals. Sarah-Louise has helped me re-energise my brand & business, streamlined my products & services for future customers & guided me to new business opportunities. 

Sarah-Louise’s knowledge & mindset coaching over the weeks has proved essential for me to focus & become productive in business & personal life, enabling me to feel ready to make positive changes, believing in myself. 

I highly recommend Sarah-Louise’s knowledge, techniques & understanding to guide me on the right path again. Thank-you for your patience & positive guidance to my exciting future!”

Mandy. M.    Artist & Business Owner



ANYTHING that has been holding you back, we will release you from, so you can live at your full potential.

You will leave this program a totally transformed & enlightened individual ready to tackle the World with a new found confidence, self-belief & quantum shift your life from the inside out……..ARE YOU READY?

Please Get In Touch To Discuss If This Is Right For You.