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My messages on achieving mental toughness, adopting a winning mindset, developing confidence, leadership effectiveness & creating high-performance teams whilst in pursuit of excellence has inspired many management teams & leadership groups throughout my career.

I have over 25 years of experience speaking, presenting, designing & leading conferences, trainings, workshops & facilitating groups inside & outside of organisations.

I love to inspire & empower corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, management teams & businesses & I’m known for inspiring change, challenging thinking & accelerating personal growth, with entertaining & engaging insights, audience interaction & powerful exercises. 

You will walk out of these talks or workshops equipped with a better understanding of how human beings are wired for motivation & behaviour change, alongside transformative tools that you can bring back to your teams, your business & your life, feeling inspired, empowered & ready to take action.



Expert Topics For Bespoke Keynote Motivational Talks or Workshops



Confidence, Imposter Syndrome

Emotional Intelligence

Purpose & Life Calling

Fearless Leadership

Female Motivational

Personal Growth



Signature Keynotes 60 Mins, Trainings or Workshops


Wake-Up…..Live An Extraordinary Life Now!

(Perfect for: Employee empowerment, leadership summits, women in business, conference & corporate events)


Inner Mastery – Your Secret Weapon To Success

(Perfect for: Corporate team builders, thought leadership summits, sales kick-offs, project teams, conference & corporate events)


The Game Changing Power of  Unapologetic Confidence

(Perfect for: Employee empowerment, sales kick offs, women in business, leadership summits, conference & corporate events)


Igniting Fearless Leadership

(Perfect for; Conscious corporate cultures, leadership summits, women in business, corporate team builders, project teams, conference & corporate events)


Keynote Motivational Talks

Includes- 60 Minute Presentation, Insights & Key Takeaways


Trainings & Workshops

Includes- 4 or 6 Hour Training, Workbook/Handout, Interactive Group Exercises,

Experiential Learning, Discussion, Key Takeaway Actions, Q & A



Please contact to request more information, details of program outlines, options & speaking fees.


All the above topics & formats can be adapted towards your event or organisations needs. I would also be very happy to develop an appropriate keynote presentation to engage, educate & inspire your audience.





“I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is a little bit lacking in the self-confidence department and doesn’t quite believe in themselves. It definitely gives you the tools to be able to help beat these and feel confident or give the air of confidence before you walk into a room. It also helped me to be able to catch myself saying negative things to myself and to reframe them to be more positive. Thank you Sarah-Louise”


“I attended a workshop given by Sarah. The first thing I noted was how relaxed and comfortable I was made to feel by Sarah. The workshop was very clear and informative about the blocks that are created throughout our lifetime. It also highlighted things that I do on a daily basis that I take for granted and don’t appreciate. Sarah seems to be very intuitive and picks up on questions asked and responded with helpful ideas about moving forward and writing down the thought patterns when asked specific questions”


“Sarah has the ability in her workshops to tap deeply into the unconscious mind and to discredit feelings created by the conscious mind. I felt that I had attended the workshop with some very negative feelings about myself and I left the workshop feeling more positive and relaxed about my life in general.”




I help businesses & organisations as an Executive Retail Consultant, Peak-Performance Strategist & Motivational Speaker with my skills gained from 3 decades of retail business success.

Such as: operational excellence, leadership expertise, strategic communication skills, employee engagement abilities, consulting capacity to directors & senior executives on strategic initiatives, motivation & leadership of large teams delivering objectives, targets & goals, training design, speaking & presenting.

Plus I have a deep understanding of the challenges facing companies worldwide today, amid uncertainties, unpredictability, complexity & radically shifting markets.


Please contact me to discuss working within your organisation. 




“I have felt more confident about myself & about what I can achieve. I have a more positive outlook about my life & business short & long-term. I feel more confident as a person both personally & professionally & therefore I value what I do much more.

Sarah-Louise has taught me the tools to help cope with anxiety, procrastination & change my mindset so that I have the tools to cope when I doubt myself or have a little wobble.

I have taken myself out of my comfort zone with my business as I have launched new products, increased my prices & overall I value my self-worth much more.
I’m putting myself out there & networking more that I used to, as this was something that I found really hard to do.

I would highly recommend Sarah-Louise to anyone that wants to change their mindset or improve their personal or business life. I’ve worked very closely with Sarah-Louise over the past year & it has had a huge impact on my life”

Alex. G

Business Owner


“I have achieved so much towards reaching my goals. Sarah-Louise has helped me re-energise my brand & business, streamlined my products & services for future customers & guided me to new business opportunities. 

Sarah-Louise’s knowledge & executive retail consulting over the weeks has proved essential for me to focus & become productive in business & personal life, enabling me to feel ready to make positive changes, believing in myself. 

I highly recommend Sarah-Louise’s knowledge, techniques & understanding to guide me on the right path again. Thank-you for your patience & positive guidance towards my exciting future!”

Mandy. M.    

Designer & Business Owner