The LUXE Leader



Ideal for high-achieving leaders, directors & founders, C-suite executives, any emerging leaders stepping into new roles, leading a critical project or heading up new departments, facing new challenges in the workplace or organisation, or just proactively investing in your own leadership  development & impact on your teams.


Bespoke Strategic Transformational Leadership VIP Day  


You are already a talented leader, decisive, confident, assertive & able to communicate with style & impact.

You are heading up high-level projects with aplomb & creating high-performing teams that deliver results.

Now you are ready to excel at a new level, amplifying your energy, gaining momentum so you can dramatically shift into a higher gear.

You know you have way more potential to harness & want to unleash more of your creative capacity & you are aware that you need to devote the private time to do the inner-work in order to leap ahead of your competition.

You are ready to master your psychology, delve deeper into your psyche & learn HOW to create a newly enhanced identity as a masterful, authentic, impactful leader within your organisation.

This VIP strategic transformational leadership day will create a quantum shift in your emotional & logical thinking processes….they are epic, expansive & extraordinary & they will totally rewire the neural pathways in your brain for visionary solutions & rapid creative thinking.


The LUXE LeaderTM

(Leadership VIP Intensive Day 1-1)

Prior Prep Work & Clarity Call

5-6 Hours Personal Transformation & Breakthrough Experience

Emotional Intelligence Tools & Strategies

Luxury Spa Treatments (Optional)

Luxury Lunch & Champagne Dinner

+ 30 Day Access To Me For Integration Afterwards

Investment £4444


The LUXE LeaderTM is a transformative  leadership breakthrough day, focused on creating courageous, resourceful, resilient, female leaders who wish to master their leadership purpose, potential & visionary influence.  


Unlock new levels of :









  • Firstly, incisive deep-dive pre-questioning will unearth your biggest blindspots – this is my expertise! Lets face it- if you could uncover them  yourself, you would have already done so!
  • Secondly, experience transformational strategic interventions that go deep into your psyche to remove all limiting patterns of thought & release deep level unconscious drivers that are holding you back from maximising your personal growth & leadership potential
  • Thirdly, radical & rapid shifts will occur during this powerful day & afterwards you will shift into new levels of clarity, confidence & enhanced decision-making so your abilities to lead under pressure will be underpinned with effortless influence.  
  • Lastly, you will have uncovered your change-making mission, purpose & re-awakened a passion that will allow you to be a force for good in your industry!


These VIP days take place at gorgeous luxury hotels in London, Surrey & Hampshire.

Please get in touch to discuss & book your place!