Watch Out For Your Inner Critic

Whenever we go for something new…..or tackle a project, usually a little voice inside our head which I like to call our “Inner Critic” will pipe up!

“Oh yeah….are you sure you can do this?”
“Really….ha that’s not going to work!”
“Last time you did something like this….it went completely wrong…no don’t bother”
“You are not cut out for this….you’re not good enough”

This internal dialogue can completely stop you in your tracks & whether you realise it or not you have let that INNER CRITIC take over & you start inadvertently convincing yourself it will fail or you will be rubbish at whatever it is you are working on at the time.

Then before you know it….you have somehow ended up talking yourself out of getting started, or truly really going for it.

The thing to know is….this dialogue is not actually TRUE…’s your INNER CRITIC using self defeating language which is being driven by your self-limiting beliefs… OUT!

Now, there are many mind development techniques that can totally silence that internal critical voice & are really powerful in switching your mindset & your internal focus to much more empowering thoughts consistently….so you have a “Cheerleader” instead.. ?? & working with me on a one -2-one basis will help you do just that.

But right now from this point onwards, really start listening to your internal dialogue, become much more aware of what you are saying to yourself & then how this then effects your motivation to do things.

Notice that voice inside….is it kind or critical?
Is it empowering you forward or does it hold you back?

Then as you begin to notice that voice, just say STOP, STOP, STOP , as you catch yourself just before it gathers more momentum.

Awareness of this ? Inner Critic is the first step to change.