What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

?What exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP??

?? NEURO – this relates to your neurological system, how you use your five senses both to experience the outside world & to create your internal world by remembering & imagining. ?

?Your conscious & unconscious thought processes activate your nervous system, which influences your physiology….which is your breathing, posture, movements etc. & how you feel & what you say & do. ?

??LINGUISTIC- this refers to the way people use language to make sense of their experiences, to talk to themselves & to communicate with others.?

?Everyone has distinct patterns in how they use language & these patterns provide tremendous insights into people’s thinking. ?

?? PROGRAMMING- It’s just like computer programming which is a succession of steps designed to achieve a particular result. Your brain does the same as it organises the sensory representations it receives from the outside World ? into patterns, to achieve specific outcomes. ?

?Your personal programs lead to the results you get & the impact you have on yourself & others as they are made up of internal processes & strategies, your thinking & your behaviour patterns?.

?You have strategies ( an order & sequence of specific thoughts) that leads to a particular behaviour for EVERYTHING you do…..such as..

?learning, playing, motivation, making decisions

?confidence, speaking, creativity, wealth, love,

?sports, arguing, buying things, listening, health

?getting things done, studying, happiness, stress

?getting up, attraction, depression, fun, sales

& all the other activities that make up our life’s.

?NLP can bring about deep change & personal growth & complete life transformation, as unwanted behaviours are eliminated & empowering inner positive resources are activated.

?It helps with selling, negotiating, influencing, presenting, public speaking, wealth creation, effective communication, letting go of limiting decisions & destructive strategies, healing old negative emotions, overcoming negativity & self doubt, stopping procrastination & enhancing motivation & much, much more!